Note: This scenario and all the people, places, groups, technologies, contained therein are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, places, groups, or technologies is purely coincidental.

FishEye International is committed to using all resources available to it to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Each of the data sources available to FishEye that are outlined in Mini-challenges 1, 2, and 3 provide clues to identify companies that could be engaged in IUU fishing, but no single source provides a complete picture. Fuse the knowledge graph data from the three sources together to give Fisheye’s analysts a more comprehensive picture. Each data source may lead investigators to a different conclusion and FishEye is interested in using visual analytics to highlight conflicting narratives across datasets.

Tasks and Questions:

Data for the Grand Challenges comes from each Mini-Challenge. Please visit each Mini-Challenge page to download the data. Participants in the Grand Challenge are not required to participate in any Mini-Challenge, but if they do, visual analytics for the Mini-Challenge(s) may be incorporated into their Grand Challenge submission. Multiple submissions should be distinct and should incorporate new visualizations and analysis.

  1. Fuse data from the 3 mini-challenges together into a single knowledge graph. Create visualizations that highlight the extent to which data sources overlap and how each data source is connected to the others. Limit your responses to 300 words and 5 images.

  2. The data from each source has limitations, which can result in an incomplete picture for most entities. Use visual analytics to quantify completeness of the knowledge graph and to highlight entities or networks that are important to the overall fishing network and would benefit from additional data. Limit your responses to 500 words and 8 images.

  3. Use visual analytics to identify information presented in one data source that is in conflict with data in another source. Place special emphasis on the narratives that arise from networks of entities when completing your analysis. Limit your responses to 800 words and 10 images.

  4. Identify a group of entities that you believe is involved in IUU fishing and use visualizations to present evidence of their behaviors. Limit your responses to 1000 words and 12 images.

  5. Reflection: What was the most difficult aspect of working with this knowledge graph? Did you have the tools and resources you needed to complete the challenge? What additional resources would have helped you? Limit your response to 300 words

VAST 2023 Submission Instructions