Submissions due: July 13, 2022 11:59PM AOE

Challenge Overview

In Engagement, Ohio, the future is now! For years this sleepy bedroom community was a secret gem in the heart of the state. But now the word is out and the people are running, not walking, to buy up their claim on this bit of paradise!

Anticipating rapid growth, the city of Engagement, Ohio USA is doing a participatory urban planning exercise to understand the current state of the city and identify opportunities for future growth. About 1000 representative residents in this modest-sized city have agreed to provide data using the city’s urban planning app, which records the places they visit, their spending, and their purchases, among other things. From these volunteers, the city will have data to assist with their major community revitalization efforts, including how to allocate a very large city renewal grant they have recently received. As a visual analytics expert, you have joined the city planning team to make sense of the data provided by these residents.

Challenge 1: Demographics and Relationships involves understanding the city’s demographics. Given social networks and other information about the city, you will analyze the available data to prepare a one-page fact sheet about the city’s demographics, its neighborhoods, and its business base.

In Challenge 1, you will use visual analytic techniques to address the following questions:

Challenge 2: Patterns of Life considers the patterns of daily life throughout the city. You will describe the daily routines for some representative people, characterize the travel patterns to identify potential bottlenecks or hazards, and examine how these patterns change over time and seasons.

In Challenge 2, you will use visual analytic techniques to address these questions:

Challenge 3: Economic considers the financial health of the city. Over time, are businesses growing or shrinking? How are people changing jobs? Are standards of living improving or declining over time?

Consider the financial status of Engagement’s businesses and residents, and use visual analytic techniques to address these questions.

The Grand Challenge requires you to put together your insights from Challenges 1, 2, and 3 to summarize your assessment of the city and recommend where the city improvement grant should be invested. Use your insights from Challenges 1-3 to answer the following questions:

Data Questions

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