Overview: Putting it All Together

Overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, city of Himark officials are looking for help to build a more complete understanding of the situation on the ground. They have access to multiple data sources, but each on its own is an incomplete view into the situation. Fuse the data in the mini challenges to give officials a fuller situational awareness than is possible with any individual data sources. Officials are especially interested in understanding how the uncertainty in each source interacts with the others. Can sources reinforce or refute findings in other sources? Does combining sources bring the situation into clearer view or just increase confusion? The citizens of St. Himark are trying to assist their government by providing more information than official channels would be able to on their own, but you must help fuse those sources into a form that allows officials to do their job as efficiently and with the greatest impact possible.

Tasks and Questions:

  1. Generate a master timeline of events and trends during the emergency response. Indicate where it is uncertain and which data underlies that uncertainty. Limit your response to 1000 words and 12 images.
  2. Identify and explain cases where data from multiple mini-challenges help to resolve uncertainty, and identify cases where data from multiple mini-challenges introduces more uncertainty. Present up to 10 examples. If you find more examples, prioritize those examples that you deem most relevant to emergency response. Limit your response to 1000 words and 12 images.
  3. Are there instances where a pattern emerges in one set of data before it presents itself in another? Could one data stream be used to predict events in the others? Provide examples you identify. Limit your response to 500 words and 8 images.
  4. The data for the individual mini-challenges can be analyzed either as a static collection or as a dynamic stream of data, as it would occur in a real emergency. Were you able to bring analysis on multiple data streams together for the grand challenge using the same analytic environment? Describe how having the data together in one environment, or not, affected your analysis of the grand challenge. Limit your response to 500 words and 10 images.

Download the Submission Form and the Data