2019 VAST Challenge Workshop Agenda

The 2019 VAST Challenge Workshop will be held on Monday October 21st in Ballroom C of the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This event is held in conjunction with IEEE VIS.

Session 1 (9:00 – 10:30): Visual Analytics for Emergency Management and Response

Break and poster viewing (10:30 - 10:50)

Session 2 (10:50 – 12:20): Grand Challenge and Mini-Challenge 1

  • Invited talk: Literate Visual Analytics for Crisis Management
    Grand Challenge Award for Enabling Comprehensive Narrative Construction
    Jo Wood
  • Introduction to Mini-Challenge 1: Crowdsourcing for Situational Awareness
  • Invited talk: Earthquake Damage Report Interactive Dashboard using Bayesian Structural Time Series and Value-Suppressing Uncertainty Palettes
    Mini-Challenge 1 Award for Operationalizing Visualization Theory
    CG&A Paper Invitation Recipient
    Natthawut Adulyanukosol
  • Invited talk: Interactive Ranking Uncertain Multivariate Ordinal Time Series: Citizen Science and Uncertainty
    Mini-Challenge 1 Award for Excellent Quantification of Abnormalities
    Shichao Jia, Jiaqi Wang, Zeyu Li, and Jiawan Zhang
  • Invited talk: IDUVis: An Interactive Dashboard for Uncertainty Visualization and Analysis
    Mini-Challenge 1 Award for Supporting Situation Awareness and Anomaly Detection
    VAST Challenge Best Poster Award
    Rodrigo Santos do Amor Divino Lima, Carlos Gustavo Resque dos Santos, and Bianchi Serique Meiguins
  • Invited talk: HeatMosaic: Interactive uncertainty analysis of disaster events
    Mini-Challenge 1 Honorable Mention for Visualization of Uncertainty
    Wenjie Wu, Zheng Zhou, Yingjie Victor Chen, and Zhenyu Cheryl Qian

Lunch break and poster viewing (12:20 - 1:20)

Session 3 (2:20 – 3:50) : Mini-Challenge 3 and Poster Awards

  • Introduction to Mini-Challenge 3: Social Media in Emergency Response
  • Invited talk: Earthquake at St. Himark
    Mini-Challenge 3 Award for Outstanding Comprehensive MC3 Submission
    Riley Benson, Rajiv Ramarajan, Jon Nemargut, Biljana Belamaric Wilsey, Lisa Everdyke, Karl Prewo, Shaun Kurian, and Falko Shulz
  • Invited talk: RescueMark: Visual Analytics of Social Media Data for Guiding Emergency Response in Disaster Situations
    Mini-Challenge 3 Award for Skillful Integration of Language Modeling
    Astrik Jeitler, Alpin Türkoglu, Denis Makarov, Timo Jockers, Juri Buchmuller, Udo Schlegel, and Daniel Keim
  • Invited talk: EarthquakeAware: Visual Analytics for Understanding Human Impacts of Earthquakes from Social Media Data
    Mini-Challenge 3 Honorable Mention for Support for Analysis through Annotation and Context
    Shuai Chen, Sihang Li, Liwenhan Xie, Yi Zhong, Yun Han, and Xiaoru Yuan
  • Invited talk: TopicInk: Visualizing Disaster-related Textual Data using LDA Topic Modeling
    Mini-Challenge 3 Honorable Mention for Clear Articulation of Methodology
    Chen Guo, Xiang Liu, Evie Cai, Yingjie Victor Chen, Zhenyu Cheryl Qian, and Rui Li
  • Invited talk: Visual Analysis for Messages in Social Media
    Mini-Challenge 3 Honorable Mention for Effective Summarization and Communication of Results
    Mengyang Zhang, Kaokao Lv, Tang Liang, Chuanming Huang, Zhaokang Yuan, Xiaobo Luo, Zhengyan Yu, Lingjun He, and Zhuo Zhang
  • Poster awards

Break (3:50 - 4:10)

Session 4 (4:10 – 5:40): Mini-Challenge 2, Feedback, and Introduction of VAST Challenge 2020

  • Introduction to Mini-Challenge 2: Citizen Science and Uncertainty
  • Invited talk: RadiationMonitor: An Interactive System for Visualizing and Exploring Spatial-Temporal Data
    Mini-Challenge 2 Award for Outstanding Comprehensive Submission for MC2
    Datong Wei, Hanning Shao, Zijing Tan, Chenlu Li, Zhixian Lin, Xiaoju Dong, and Xiaoru Yuan
  • Invited talk: SUA: A Sensor Uncertainty Analysis Tool of Radiation Measurement Data
    Mini-Challenge 2 Award for Integrated Tool with Rich Data Encodings
    Shaobin Xu, Yiming Lin, Dezhan Qu. Ke Ren, and Huijie Zhang
  • Invited talk: Visual Analysis of Multivariate Time Series of Static and Mobile Sensors
    Mini-Challenge 2 Honorable Mention for Strong Comparison of Static and Mobile Sensor Data
    Yueqi Hu, Qi Ma, Yang Chen, Haidong Chen, Weiqing Jin, and Fenjin Ye
  • Participant Feedback
  • Introduction to VAST Challenge 2020